October 27, 2018

27 Weeks....

12 lbs gained total so far...
Morning sickness returned, still having to take Zofran!!!
Current Cravings are:
Strawberry Pop-Tarts, DQ Nachos, & CoCo Pebbles 

End of summer Georgetown Trip!!

I'd have to say that the highlight of our Summer this year was our 4 day trip to visit Granny and Gee (Austin's Parents) in Georgetown. They live in Sun City and the kids were AMAZED by the Deer walking around in the yards!!! While we were there, we took lots of walks around the subdivision (seeing Deer), went to Trader Joe's, played LOTS of board games with Granny and Gee, swam, Toured Inner Space Caverns, Went to UT campus so kids could see where Austin went to college, went to Round Rock Donuts, visited The Bob Bullock Texas History Museum, Ate lots and Lots of yummy food, took the kids to see Stevie Ray Vaughan statue at Town Lake and spent Much needed time together as a Family.

Lots of fun memories!!

First Day of 7th and 3rd grade!!!

August 5, 2018

21 weeks!!

Morning sickness is starting to subside. I've gained 8 lbs so far.
 Cravings are strawberry popsicles, Nachos and Honey Bunches of Oats cereal. (not together)

I started feeling him move at about 18 weeks.

Can't WAIT to meet baby Austin!!! 

Hair Hair Hair

I graduated Cosmo school in December of 2017, took my practical and received my license in January and have been behind the chair at Hestwood Hair Salon since February 3rd!!! I'll try and do better about posting...I know I've said that before...Maybe my 30's will bring me more "Balance"....maybe. ha!! 

We will see.

(16 weeks) it's a .....


weeks 4-11