July 9, 2009

Destini's NEW Bling Shoes

{above} is a picture I posted of (Tatum's Cousin) Destini Lynn's last pair of bling Converse, months ago, at the Church BBQ. The pictures show that those shoes were very loved and not "babied" at all....Destini has 3 older brothers so she is not afraid to get dirty and has no problem keeping up w/ the boys....but she is also a "girly girl" who loves her bling!! :)

{Below are the NEW shoes}


::PRINCESS bling bow {below} pictured w/ PRINCESS bling shoes {above}::

Callen's wall letters

I painted these letters to match Callen's baby bedding for her nursery.

Charlie's Shelf & Baby Doll Cradle

These 2 pieces are soon to be BIG SISTER Charlie's!! Charlie's Mommy (Caren) is pregnant with Charlie's Baby Sister (Callen) and just may be the cutest pregnant lady I have ever seen!!
....hopefully I look like she does with my next baby....
You are going to be a great Big sister Charlie.
Good luck ya'll!!


This thing took a looooong time......there is a story behind this piece.....

......For Christmas this past year my parents got Ben & me a dresser. Okay. Wait. Let me back up some more....
So, I fell in love with this dresser at Pandora's Box (antique store in Frankston) and HAVE to have it....I didn't just want that thing I NEEDED IT. So, I went home and told Ben about this amazing piece of furniture that I had fallen in love with. He told me no after he went and had a looksie at the price tag (I had forgotten to look at that minor detail) and called me laughing and told me I was insane and not only no....but HECK NO!!!

I do not give up easily....

.....You see, The Christmas prior to this....I had forfeited my Christmas from my parents for plane tickets & Hotel stay to Las Vegas. Ben's Birthday is January 28th, So, for his Birthday/Christmas present I got him Tickets to the last UFC fight of the year....in Las Vegas....which I planned to give him on Christmas Day (3 days before we left for Vegas)....anyway....My mom and Dad offered to pay for plane & hotel....under the condition that This was to be considered our Christmas Present from them. I agreed. On Christmas morning Ben opened his tickets and almost peed in his pants. He was so excited. I loved it....

.....back to the dresser. We really did need a new dresser. Honestly. So I kind of...um....gave my mom the tiniest hint about this perfect piece of furniture I had found....

Long story short....Mom talked the price down and we got a new dresser for Christmas.

Ben was not near as thrilled as I was....But, he likes the dresser. I think he is just glad it's not PINK!! :)

{the idea of the dresser below came from "my dresser" and I am very proud of how it turned out. Mine doesn't have leopard on it and mine is about 3 times this size, but, they are very similar}

::::thanks a TON jess for all of those late nights you spent on the porch, helping me with this....i love you BUNCHES!!::::

July 2, 2009


On June 27th we were at Freedom Fest for the 2nd Annual "Great Eats Texas Duck Race." Although it was probably one of the hottest days we have had all summer and all of us overheated at some point throughout the day, We had a lot of fun!!