December 27, 2008

Miss Pressley's NEW SHOES

Miss Pressley Grace came to see me today. She came in with her mama and Aunt B to pick up her Pink Converse w/ leapord bling. She just happen to be wearing her initial necklace and bow from SPARKLES so I had to make her my model and pose her for a picture. I think you might want to consider doing this as a career Miss P!!! :)
Make your mama bring you to the house to play with Tatum soon!!

Neices in Necklaces

When I married Ben I inherited 4 wonderful nieces.....Josie, Whitney, MaKayla & MaKenzie. For Christmas I decided to give them all beaded initial necklaces {from SPARKLES of course} and I just had to show off my Pretty girls!! We wish you were here WHITNEY!!!
Love you girls,
-Aunt Jessica

::Josie, MaKenzie & MaKayla::


Those of you who know me personally know that I am PICTURE OBSESSED and will use any excuse to take them.

Those of you that know Ben know that he likes long as he doesn't have to be in them.

I can't figure out which is harder....getting Ben to fix his hair or getting him to be in a picture.

{i have seen this man with gel in his hair a TOTAL of 3 times since we got married....
.......this includes our wedding day.}

Soooooo ANYWAY you can only imagine how tickled I am when that one day a year comes that I get both...So I had to post them. Our Christmas pictures/Yearly Family pictures featuring my husband with his hair fixed :)


:john, jonathan, emily, elizabeth, jessica & tatum:
This year I actually took a step back and thought about My Family's "Christmas Tradition." {Mom's side}

Every year right before we open presents, all 5 of the cousins MUST pose next to the Christmas tree for THE ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PICTURE. Now, I am aware that some of you reading this are thinking...Yeah Jessica. Okay. What in the world is so special about that?
Let me explain....I remember the five of us running to HIDE when we would see Uncle Jim Pick up his camera and hear Granna announce "Present time!" We Dreaded that picture with a passion. There are even years that one of us is crying in the picture...or one of us is giving an annoyed look to whoever got nominated to take the picture that year. As we got older, We would all go to the tree and pose without being asked BUT we still had our complaints....we knew we weren't getting our hands on those presents until we took that picture.

This year....right after I got home from the 4 1/2 hour drive from my Granna's house to mine, I received an e-mail from my Aunt Betty containing THE ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PICTURE. I looked at it....and couldn't get over how HAPPY we all look!! I wrote my Aunt back and asked her if she would e-mail me a copy of the FIRST picture ever taken of the 5 of us next to the tree. Now, at 25 years old, I finally understand why they made us take that dreaded picture every year. It wasn't to torture was our family TRADITION. I love the fact that Ben & Tatum are now apart of the tradition (unfortunately Ben is not in the picture because he was away working this year) and I can almost guarantee that when I am 40 years old we will still be taking
THE ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PICTURE.... that time there might be 21 of us crammed next to the tree....
...but no one is touching the presents until it's taken!!

:john, jonathan, jessica, elizabeth & emily:
I honestly think that this tradition is very special....but also very comical at the same time.
:) If only I had a copy of all the pictures in between these to post......
Maybe next year....
Happy Holidays,

December 23, 2008

Rowan's Toybox and Table

Rowan came into the store with her Mommy & Daddy a few weeks back to look around.
I have had ALOT of kids come into the store but have never seen one as quiet and polite as
this little girl. She sat patiently and quietly while her parents and I talked. Don't get me wrong...Tatum (my daughter) is an angel.....and I think she's perfect...but she would have
been climbing the walls and screaming at me to "COME ON!" lol.... just had to comment
on how sweet I thought Rowan was.
Anywho..... Mom & Dad bought Rowan a toybox that they liked to put in her playroom and asked me if I would paint a table that Rowan already had to match the toybox. Later that day Rowan's Dad brought the table and chairs to the store and I started working on it as soon as he left. I LOVE the way this turned out!!!

December 20, 2008

Madeline's Stool painted Madeline a Table for her Birthday about 2 months ago. When her mommy brought me the table she also brought me this stool to paint for Madeline. Although I have had it finished for a couple of weeks now I keep catching myself adding to it...I tend to do this when I have time to sit and look at something for too long...the critical side of me comes out and before I know it there are 8 different colors and 6 different designs on a 2 step-stool... hahaha Hopefully after the Holidays when Abbey comes to pick this up they aren't Blinded by the bright colors and business of this stool....Nah....nothing could ever be too girly :)

{I do need to update this picture AFTER Abbey picks this telling what it will look like by then......}

Cathryn's Flower Table

Lucy Brought this table into the store along with a quilt that goes in her daughter Cathryne's Room. She wanted me to paint the table and stools as well as a "C" to match her room for a Christmas present. I had alot of fun with this....I usually use bright colors and bold designs so working on something so dainty was different for a change....

December 10, 2008

Anna-Michael's Chair

Sara-Michael came in the store a couple of weeks ago and wanted me to paint a rocking chair for her little girl Anna-Michael as a Christmas present. The last time they went to have their pictures made at G gallery Photography, Anna-Michael fell in love with a rocking chair I had painted for their studio. She even tried to drag it out the door to take it home with her!!! Bless you child...what a compliment!! :)
{above is a picture of Miss Anna-Michael on Christmas morning with her chair}