July 30, 2017

Gavins stool

July 29, 2017

Choose to PLUNDER

I will be posting more about this...I just wanted to share a little about my newest obsession. Plunder Jewelry. About a month ago, I randomly heard about this jewelry from a friend that came to the college to get her hair done...she isn't even a consultant, a friend of hers is, so when I tell you this opportunity just fell in my lap....it truly did. I signed up (under a friend of a friend) thinking it would be nice to make a little extra to help contribute since, I'm currently in school and not working, also, (not gonna lie) for the free Jewelry. Well,  NOW I'M OBSESSED. Pictures do NOT do any of the pieces justice. I love Everything about this company...from the sisterhood, to the packaging. The personalized pieces are beautiful and I love the inspirational pieces!!! 

{here is my website}

email me any pics with your plunder pieces so I can post them!! 

happy shopping!! xoxo


Austin and I got married on December 10th and between moving and getting ready to start school in January, there was no time for a honeymoon. In May...my wonderful Hubby took me to Key West for an amazing honeymoon!! Lots of walking, great food and beach laziness. He also took me on 2 ghost tours!! It was so much fun. I am so blessed....

Painting teachers presents

Every year the kids paint something for their teachers at the end of the year. We've been doing this since Kindergarten and they look forward to it every year!! This year they painted Crates for books to keep in Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Arnold's classrooms!!!

Tatum's first Softball season

Cadillac Ranch

Last month we flew to Amarillo (my Hubby's Hometown) for the weekend to attend my sis-in laws wedding. The wedding was beautiful!! While we were there, I wanted to go to Cadillac Ranch. The day we were going to go, we went by Lowe's and got me some spray paint, drove out there and...it was sooooo CROWDED...So, we decided to go back the next morning before our flight. Low and behold, it was RAINING & WINDY & COLD!! Austin is such a trouper and knew how badly I wanted to go, we waited in the car until the rain eased up and then trudged through the mud to the cars so I could quickly paint while he took pictures. it was an experience for sure!!!!!

Madelyn's Rocking Horse