June 17, 2009

Taylor's Furniture

When Taylor came into the store for the first time she reminded me the reason that I love doing this. She said to me "This is what I want to do when I grow up." There is no doubt in my mind that she can't or won't. Taylor knew exactly what she wanted when she came in the store....pieces of furniture painted with crazy designs and colors, but, she didn't want any of them to "match" but instead, she wanted them to each be different in their own way. This is what made me realize how creative this 13 year old was....I seriously have never done this before....even the furniture in my daughters room matches....both prints and colors...the same...on each piece. I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the way this turned out!!!
Reach for the stars Taylor....
Dreams do actually come true.

Tomato Fest Success

Tomato Fest Was a success! It was SO HOT and we had to chase down a shoplifter but we had a lot of fun!! Our next show is going to be on Saturday, June 27th in Jacksonville....I will post more details about that later.
{Veronica, Carmen & Me}{our booth}
{Vertie...The traveling Mannequin}

{The Troops...on one of the few breaks we got}
{SPARKLES shoes}
{scarlet....aka SPARKLES security}
{SPARKLES korker flip-flops made by The Polka dot Princess (Brandi) on every one's feet...except for Scarlet who doesn't like her feet...so she improvised}

{Carmen's Clippies}

{Flip-Flops....what we had to chase the shoplifter down for}
{guest book}

{she was such a cutie!!!}

{getting ready}
{loading the truck up}

June 10, 2009

Christian's Baby Shower Gift

This was a cradle that I helped Christian (a very good friend of mine) paint and put together, a few months back, for a baby shower she helped host for a friend of hers. I think it turned out really cute....I can't believe it has taken me this long to blog this!!

June 8, 2009


Saturday, June 13, 2009
TuTu Cute Hair Bows
Carmen's CliPPies
will have a booth at TOMATO FEST!!!
Because a lot of my inventory will be in the booth at the event...
We will close EARLY on Friday, June 12, 2009
& be CLOSED all day on Saturday, June 13, 2009

6/12/09 FRIDAY- 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.

normal business hours will remain Tuesday, June 16,2009
-Jessica Johnston

June 7, 2009

Brianna Carlson's Armoire

This is Brianna Carlson's Armoire. Her Mom Malissa brought me Her bedding and told me that she wanted it to match....but she also wanted it to have some animal print in the same colors that are in the bedding. I also added pink and iridescent crystals to the knobs. This was a challenging piece to paint because, at the end, when I was almost finished with it...I applied the clear lacquer gloss....and for some reason it had a reaction to the paint. The paint started basically melting off!!! I had to go back and fix that spot....but it turned out okay.
I hope you like this Brianna!!!

Molly Annmarie

I got to see and hold beautiful baby girl Molly Annmarie Speaks for the first time on Friday....she is so sweet and precious.....holding her made me want a new baby...BAD. Molly is a perfect mixture of her Mommy and Daddy (both of which are very close friends too Ben and me) and although I wasn't able to be there for the birth of princess Molly...I had to work (duty calls) but Meg & Dusty hopefully know how much I love them!! Meg & I actually worked together at Gas Analytical Solutions (my Dad's Lab) and she also lived with Ben and Me for 6 months. Talk about getting a taste for what it would be like to have a sister lol (I always wanted one) the two of us worked together....hung out together...and lived together. We bumped heads a few times, Yes, but considering the fact that we spent so much time together....we got along GREAT and still do!!! Megan and Dusty are lifelong friends and I just want you both to know that I love y'all.....and CONGRATS!!!!!! :)
Molly Annmarie Speaks
April 21,2009
8 lbs.
21 1/4 inches long
Born @ 6:19 p.m.

June 6, 2009


Tia....Oh, the memories I have with Tia....
Tia and I met when we were 8 years old, about 3 days after I moved to Conroe. The first time I saw her she was at the end of her driveway....Which, just so happened to be two houses down from mine. She was sitting on a pink bike (it was the dorkiest pink bike I had ever seen and I still tease her about that) hahaha we finally spoke to each other after standing there staring at each other for a good 30 seconds. After that we were inseparable...we were BFFs....partners in crime, and, oh the trouble we got in together...
Tia called me about a month ago and asked if I would help her design and make her outfit for her solo at cheer leading tryouts. This will be her 3rd year to be on the squad (Dallas Cowboy's Cheerleaders) and I was really excited to help. Veronica and I each did our parts in building this ballerina/hip-hop outfit and Tia and I spent HOURS gluing crystals all over it. There are over 1400 iridescent crystals on this thing....I'm surprised I'm not cross eyed after that. lol
We had a really good time and I am really glad she got to come and stay with me for that very much needed and long overdue visit. It was nice to catch up and reminisce with one of my closest friends. She's EXACTLY how she was when we were neighbors...fun spirited and funny. She showed up at SPARKLES with a big smile on her face and a box of "Sprinkles" cupcakes for me (pretty sure I gained 10 pounds that weekend...Thanks Tia) lol anyway....when we went to go visit my parents, My mom cried...then Tia cried....I told them to get a grip and quit ignoring me and we all started laughing....it was a great weekend.
Come back and visit soon Tia....I LOVE YA!!!!!

{i knew she would}

Okay.....so I Promised Tia that I wouldn't post any embarrassing stories on here....but.....there is NO WAY that I'm ending this without at least 1 funny story....
I'm pretty sure we were about 13 when this happened....maybe closer to 14. My dad had a FORD Bronco that he used when he took trips to his deer lease. We weren't to supposed to go near it...much less get in it. So, why Tia and I ended up in the Drivers and passenger seat of that thing (me in the drivers seat of course) while my parents were at work I will never know. Where we were planning on going or what we were doing I don't remember....but as I very carefully attempted to back this monster machine out of our garage, I suddenly heard a scraping sound and realized that we had run over something...and it was hung underneath the car...it was my bike....the bike I had left there. Maybe if we would have went into the garage from the garage door instead of through the laundry room, we would have known that it was
there and moved it.....but we didn't.
So.....I tell myself Its okay....we can handle this....quit panicking and pull forward........
I very carefully put the Bronco in drive and let my foot off of the brake.....nothing happened...it didn't move. Tia tells me to give it a little gas...I did. All of a sudden that thing LUNGED forward so fast that I didn't even realize we were moving. I heard a loud sound. Tia screamed. I screamed. After a couple of seconds I opened my eyes (I don't remember at what point I closed them, I just know they were closed) and WE WERE SITTING IN MY PARENTS WALK IN CLOSET.....in the Bronco. whoops. We. Are. In. BIG. Trouble. So we look at each other....and die laughing...we both always got kinda delirious under pressure. Our parents always got so mad about that...they would be lecturing us over something and we would be trying our hardest to muffle our giggles. We did get in trouble...and I think it cost close to $2000 to rebuild my parents closet...I was not allowed to even LOOK at my dads Bronco. My parents laugh about it now. Mom wishes she would have taken pictures of the damage that we did.....
.........then there was also the time we managed to wreck my first boyfriends PARKED jeep in the school parking lot one morning while he was retaking a test....we didn't even have the keys.......
Well, that's a whole different story and It's 6:30...I'm goin home!!! :)
Tia.....It's a wonder our parents ever let us have cars......lol