June 17, 2009

Tomato Fest Success

Tomato Fest Was a success! It was SO HOT and we had to chase down a shoplifter but we had a lot of fun!! Our next show is going to be on Saturday, June 27th in Jacksonville....I will post more details about that later.
{Veronica, Carmen & Me}{our booth}
{Vertie...The traveling Mannequin}

{The Troops...on one of the few breaks we got}
{SPARKLES shoes}
{scarlet....aka SPARKLES security}
{SPARKLES korker flip-flops made by The Polka dot Princess (Brandi) on every one's feet...except for Scarlet who doesn't like her feet...so she improvised}

{Carmen's Clippies}

{Flip-Flops....what we had to chase the shoplifter down for}
{guest book}

{she was such a cutie!!!}

{getting ready}
{loading the truck up}

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