November 4, 2012

just a thought...

"If you want the rainbow, you 
have to tolerate the rain."

a small picture recap of my summer

an update....long overdue.

Hello My LOVES!!!

lots and lots of changes have taken place in my world of glitter, paint, and total unorganized craftiness.
at the end of April, after a lot of prayer, I decided to close my storefront doors and stay at home to spend time with my babies while they are young.....
Suddenly I blinked and Jaxon was 2!!! Where did the time go???

My summer was spent moving from store to home, then to turn around and move into a NEW HOUSE!!! Needless to say, I have been super super busy.

I will still be painting custom furniture, Making hair bows and Jewelry & gluing crystals on anything I think needs a little extra "sparkle" ;)

I plan on taking a LOT more time to stop and "smell the flowers" by doing things I enjoy like, watching my babies play, taking pictures, reading, blogging, returning emails and getting organized!! I'm even going to have the time to blog some painting tutorials that y'all have forever been asking me to do!!!

Thank you all for being patient with me....
feel free to email me with questions.