May 29, 2010

More BOWS....

May 22, 2010

Custom Dresser

CLAIRE's Furniture

May 13, 2010

I can't believe Jaxon is already 1 month old!!!

Jaxon was 1 month old yesterday!! I cant get over how fast time flies or how much he is growing!!! :)

The HOLIK Kiddos Time Out Chair

NEW Crosses

These crosses are NEW at Sparkles....SO SO cute. I had her make me one to go in my kitchen!!!


I am now making the hairbows for the store myself....
The prices are now anywhere from $3-$6 cheaper than they were before because there is no middleman :)
Eventually I will probably have to find someone to make these for me, but, for now I am not having any trouble handling the workload...which is because Jaxon is still sleeping most of the day.
Where I know my bow making skills are far from perfect, I am getting better...Thank goodness because my first attempt turned out to be a disaster!!! I will post more pictures soon!!

Megan's Wedding flowers and shoes

i can't believe my little brother is getting married in 10 days!!!! Whoo hoo!!! I am so excited :)
just thought I would post some pics of the shoes and flowers and also take a minute to brag on Emily....she glued ALL of the crystals on these shoes during the 2 weeks I was on maternity leave!!
Thanks EM!!!!

Cade's Stool