March 26, 2015

Vanessa's Wedding Shoes

March 23, 2015

girls night in...

....girls night in....doing hair, watching movies and eating junk with my sweet niece and cousin!!!
Love my little ladies

My sweet Stormy's Senior Pics...

I'm a year late posting these....but I still had to share!!!
Love you my little yard Pigeon!!


March 21, 2015

painting leopard print...

This is how I paint leopard print....I have been meaning to do a tutorial on this for FOREVER...
Here goes...Good luck!!
All paints I used

Put all three of these paints together and mix lightly...
(#660 pure gold, #11344 Coffee & #20760 King's gold)
like this...

using long strokes paint surface

don't completely want different dimensions of color.

With a small flat brush make abstract spots with your brown paint
(#11314 Earth brown)

like this...

with black paint, go around your brown spots using 'spots", "dashes" and "half circles"
try not to let your black paint completely meet or touch...

like this....


March 20, 2015


My new baby....

in LOVE with my new purse!!! eeeeeeee!!!!

Young Living essential oils

I have always loved aromatherapy....and I LOVE essential oils!! My sister in law gave me some young living essential oils for Christmas this year and I loved them so much that i signed up under the Girl that she bought all of my oils from {her bestie Chelsea} not necessarily to sell but, to get the discounts!! These essential oils are %100 natural and the things that you can do with them are ENDLESS...from acne treatment, headache relief, cleaning, teeth bleaching, to weight loss, stress relief and cellulite reduction!!! . I will share a bit on some of the things i use mine for here and there. I just wanted to share because I am so excited!!!

My member number is #2639492

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!!!!!

Brad & Kayla Cantrell's wedding day!!!

Brad and KayKay tied the knot!!! was an eventful and beautiful day!!
I love you two tons and am so happy for you both!!
CHEERS to your happily ever after...

pictures taken by Crista Couch Photography

She is also on FB under Crista Couch Photography

....shed the boots by that speeches are not my forte.

oh ya know...just dancing by myself!!!

LOVE them!!

love my Annette!!!

candy bar

Nacho Bar w/ Cheese fountain