December 27, 2008


:john, jonathan, emily, elizabeth, jessica & tatum:
This year I actually took a step back and thought about My Family's "Christmas Tradition." {Mom's side}

Every year right before we open presents, all 5 of the cousins MUST pose next to the Christmas tree for THE ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PICTURE. Now, I am aware that some of you reading this are thinking...Yeah Jessica. Okay. What in the world is so special about that?
Let me explain....I remember the five of us running to HIDE when we would see Uncle Jim Pick up his camera and hear Granna announce "Present time!" We Dreaded that picture with a passion. There are even years that one of us is crying in the picture...or one of us is giving an annoyed look to whoever got nominated to take the picture that year. As we got older, We would all go to the tree and pose without being asked BUT we still had our complaints....we knew we weren't getting our hands on those presents until we took that picture.

This year....right after I got home from the 4 1/2 hour drive from my Granna's house to mine, I received an e-mail from my Aunt Betty containing THE ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PICTURE. I looked at it....and couldn't get over how HAPPY we all look!! I wrote my Aunt back and asked her if she would e-mail me a copy of the FIRST picture ever taken of the 5 of us next to the tree. Now, at 25 years old, I finally understand why they made us take that dreaded picture every year. It wasn't to torture was our family TRADITION. I love the fact that Ben & Tatum are now apart of the tradition (unfortunately Ben is not in the picture because he was away working this year) and I can almost guarantee that when I am 40 years old we will still be taking
THE ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PICTURE.... that time there might be 21 of us crammed next to the tree....
...but no one is touching the presents until it's taken!!

:john, jonathan, jessica, elizabeth & emily:
I honestly think that this tradition is very special....but also very comical at the same time.
:) If only I had a copy of all the pictures in between these to post......
Maybe next year....
Happy Holidays,

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