December 23, 2008

Rowan's Toybox and Table

Rowan came into the store with her Mommy & Daddy a few weeks back to look around.
I have had ALOT of kids come into the store but have never seen one as quiet and polite as
this little girl. She sat patiently and quietly while her parents and I talked. Don't get me wrong...Tatum (my daughter) is an angel.....and I think she's perfect...but she would have
been climbing the walls and screaming at me to "COME ON!" lol.... just had to comment
on how sweet I thought Rowan was.
Anywho..... Mom & Dad bought Rowan a toybox that they liked to put in her playroom and asked me if I would paint a table that Rowan already had to match the toybox. Later that day Rowan's Dad brought the table and chairs to the store and I started working on it as soon as he left. I LOVE the way this turned out!!!

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