February 25, 2009

MADISON's Dresser

This is Madison. Madison is Morgan's older sister. When Madison saw Morgan's dresser on Christmas morning she had to have her own. Madison's birthday was in Feb. so Emily and Beckey decided to have me paint her one. Madison's dresser is different from any piece that I have painted before....now I know that every piece I paint is "one of a kind" but this one was extra special because Madison designed it herself!! Madison sat down with her Aunt Emily and decided EXACTLY what designs and colors she wanted on each drawer....she even decided where she wanted crystals placed on it. They drew it out for me (very detailed might I add thank goodness) and I just painted exactly what I was told. Emily had me paint the mirror as a suprise to match the dresser and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.
I hope Madison likes this piece as much as I do!!
-Jessica Johnston

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