February 5, 2009

Riley's "moose" dresser

Last time I posted a blog about Ashley and Kirk and their Babies...I complained because mommy didn't know what she was going to name baby girl #2 (since then they have decided to name her Maddie) and because of this I couldn't paint the girls names on the dresser I painted for their room. Well now I am going to complain again....hahahahaha Ashley Danielle Smith if you ever make me paint moose again I just might beat you up. I love the moose....don't get me wrong....but he was not a easy task. Good thing I love you :) Riley I hope you LOVE your moose dresser. I love you buddy!!! Now Ashley, COME GET THIS THING OFF OF MY PORCH BEFORE IT GETS WET AND I REALLY HAVE TO HURT YOU!!!
I'm kidding.
Please keep Ashley and her family in your prayers....Friday she is scheduled to be induced. YAY!!! IT'S BABY TIME!!!
I love you guys....Kirk, Ashley, Cadence, Riley and Baby Maddie :)

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