March 10, 2009


This is Levi!! Levi's Daddy Josiah and I grew up together. When I say grew up I mean the teenage years...the years that you sometimes cringe when you think about the STUPID things that you and your heathen group of friends did even though your parents told you not to....the years that you get into far to much trouble than you care to remember and just hope and pray that your kids can learn from your mistakes.....or just refrain from getting into any trouble at all.....hahaha highly doubtful....anyway....moving on. Josiah and I lost touch for a few years....I found him on Myspace (dunno why I feel i feel so silly saying that) and learned that over those couple of years he met and married a wonderful & beautiful girl named Jamie & Together they have an ADORABLE little boy named Levi. I then got to know Jamie (over Myspace and e-mail) and she is SO sweet. I just love her to death :) I sent them an outfit for Levi and Jamie a "Levi's Mommy" necklace as a baby gift.....and here are some pictures of sweet little Levi in the jacket I sent him with his Mommy & Daddy (Jamie is also wearing her necklace yay!!!).
I am so glad to see Josiah and his family are doing so well. I'm also so glad he is staying out of trouble LOL....but most importantly I am SO PROUD he found Jamie and has Levi.
Love you guys,

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