April 17, 2009

Lexi's Bow's

This is Lexi Eddings. I have known Lexi's Daddy & Mommy (James & Nichole) for YEARS. I'm talking like when I first got my drivers licence....gosh this makes me feel old. James and Nichole had the "high school sweethearts" relationship that I myself, along with every other adolescent female, wanted. They got married right out of high school and had Miss Lexi....I think I saw Lexi about 3 times while she was a baby....we lost touch for a while so you can imagine my surprise when we did get back in touch a few years back how much Lexi had grown through my eyes. Lexi now has an ADORABLE little brother Noah & Their Mommy and Daddy are still going strong!! Nichole ordered these bows for Lexi to wear with her School uniform...so here are just a couple of pictures of the Beautiful Lexi in her TLS bow. I Miss you guys!!! Come see me soon....

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