May 12, 2009

Madison's Shoes

::Madison's Bling Converse::

Brandi makes the KORKER bows and Flip-Flops that I sell in the store. So, her 2 daughters, Madison and Jaycee are in the store alot. I seriously can't name one time that these two have been in the store that I haven't laughed. I have no idea why I have not written a blog about Madison & Jaycee yet....but, I recently made Madison a pair of Bling Converse (she told Brandi that she was willing to forfeit her Birthday Party for these shoes by the way lol) and so I wanted to BLOG a picture of her sparkly shoes and a picture I took of the girls in the store.

::Jaycee & Madison Rogers::
"We can't help it Mom....It's REALLY hard to be quiet in SPARKLES!" ~Madison

( Madison's response when Brandi told them that they better be quiet and be good when they came in the store to drop off bows)


(This is what she said when they pulled up at the Post office while running errands....they weren't even coming to the store that day....)


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