August 28, 2009

"DANDELION FLUFF" Preemie clothes by Alexia Jean

I am very excited about this new line. Dandelion Fluff preemie outfits by Alexia Jean are soooo cute!!! My daughter Tatum was not premature (only 10 days early actually) but she only weighed 5 lbs. 13 oz. This was a complete shock to Ben and Me considering they estimated that she would weigh atleast 9 lbs!!!! My mom actually had go out and find her a "preemie" outfit to bring her home in because the dress we had intended for her to wear (which was actually the same dress I came home from the hospital in) was HUGE next to her....I'm pretty sure you could have wrapped it around her 3 or 4 times.....and she wasn't able to wear it until her 3 month pictures at Ggallery!!!! Anyway....she wore preemie clothes for 2 months....I searched and searched for cute preemie clothes for she but was never successful in finding any that I was truly happy with. My child lived in Wal-mart onesies. I was determined to design/start a cute line in bright and fun patterns for preemies.....but, I DON'T and CAN'T sew. I am soooo glad I found Alexia. She perfected my vision on these adorable preemie outfits. I am tempted to take one home and save it for my next baby.....but you never next baby could very well weigh 9 lbs!!!!
Thanks Alexia....
You are a Godsend!!!!
{soon to come.....CUSTOM bedding by AlexiaJean.....I am very excited about this!!!}

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