October 14, 2009

boy or girl

baby Boy or Girl? we don't yet know what the stork will bring!
head on over to the poll on the right--------------->

place your guess and we shall soon see what this little baby will be!

and if you are into the old wives tales...here are the answers to some of those...
chinese gender predictor : boy
this quiz : girl
i prefer tasting sweet to sour : girl
hubby isn't gaining weight along with me : boy
acne? yes! : girl
hold a necklace over your hand/belly and let it swing : boy

...almost everyone I know seems to think boy
let's see what you think.
We will find out for sure on December 14th!!!

1 comment:

Alexia said...

I am pulling for girl, because baby girl bedding is so much more fun to design! Although boy stuff will be awesome too, just not as many options.