March 17, 2010

ABBEY's Dresser

Abbey's Mommy Julia and I grew up well, I don't know that we ever really "grew up" but, we have known each other for a very long time...
Juls lives in Conroe, So we don't see each other often. We talk occasionally on the phone & keep up with what's going on with each others lives through our blogs :)
Julia has been eyeballing this dresser I have had on my blog for a couple of months (I think since the day I posted it actually) she wanted it BAD but, the only problem was getting it to her...Well, I went to Conroe last weekend for a visit (and a greatly appreciated Baby shower given by wonderful friends) and THANKFULLY the "gaudy Dresser" fit in my, Mommy Mobile.
So, now the "Gaudy Dresser" is Miss Abbey's Dresser" and I could NOT be happier :)
I love y'all!!!

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The Taylor's said...

Ok so it is probably hormones but I cried reading this... I love you Jess and miss you terribly... When I left the shower I cried... I knew I would miss you :( on the other hand... Abbey is so in love with her "drawers"...She runs her fingers along the designs... AND LOVES picking out her clothes... I love it! Thank you for posting it... thank you for driving it down here... and well thank you for never growing up with me :) Love you dear...