August 7, 2010

this month....

I has been CHAOS around my house....
This month we have:

-all been sick (some of us twice)
-cut 2 teeth (Jaxon)
-bought a sewing machine and learned to SEW!!! (yes me....Finally)
-had a birthday (Tatum)
-started a new job....yet again (Ben)
-had a birthday party
-started Pre-K
-had a dear friend get in a BAD motorcycle accident (please, please, pray for Chris Malone)
-had 4 year and 4 month pictures made of the kids
-had a family reunion
-made hair bows until i had blisters on my fingers
-had shots (both kids on one myself)
-successfully got 8 loads of backed up laundry folded in one night (with the help of Tatum Jo) ::pictured below::
........i will attempt to blog it all....this week.

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