November 1, 2011

CHARLIE's Dresser


Amy said...

I would love to know what kind of paint you used on this project, and any advice or instruction on how you started and went about the process. I love the concept, and I'm considering doing something like this with my daughter's dresser, but don't really know where to begin. I've never painted furniture before. Most importantly, I would love to know where you bought your paint, and what kind of paint you used. Thank you.

jjsparkles said...

Hi Amy:
I dont have one particular paint type I use...
Basically anything thats acrylic thsat I can get my hands on!! :)

I also mix alot of my own colors....and use lots of paint pens!!

the only colors I buy in bulk are Basic Black and white and I use Valspar semi gloss from Lowe's.

My best advice is mix different prints and use both bright and pastel colors. dont worry about will all come together in the end ;)

Hope this helps!!