July 23, 2013

Miss Tatum's glamping party....was SOOOO much fun!!!
This was the first time that, the princess herself, got to make the guest list (no boys EXCEPT Foster and her brother was NOT allowed) and make decisions on what exactly she wanted (pink marshmallows for smores mommy...not white) down to what colors the cake layers would be (turquoise and pink)....and what flavor.
{i made the cake and I'm no expert. yikes!}
We even had "rusty bird" at the party!!!! (well known around these parts)
{we love the SOUTHERN JITNEYS!!!}
 you can read more about the adventures of Rusty bird here:
Her party wouldn't be the same without her "sissy" (Foster's mommy, my very creative BFF who spent the night to supervise with me.....who also made the cake toppers!!)
we had a fun night GLAMPING!!!!

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